Return To Beacon Hills

Episode 11 - S1E7 Night School

July 26, 2021

In this week’s episode, the gang talks about Scott and Stiles’s no good, very bad night at school. Allison, Lydia and Jackson try to help, but find themselves also in the crosshairs of the Alpha. And Derek? Well, he’s probably dead and promptly gets thrown under the bus by Scott. For our interview this week, we sat down with Tim Andrew, the director of Night School and 34 other excellent episodes of Teen Wolf. 


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In next week’s episode, it’s the full moon and Scott starts to go a little crazy. But Stiles has a plan involving chains, some jealousy, and a dog bowl. And we talk to Jonathon Hall, the director of photography for the first two seasons of Teen Wolf. 


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Beta Section: 03:37

Alpha Section: 55:54

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