Return To Beacon Hills

Episode 12 - S1E8 Lunatic

August 2, 2021

In this week’s episode, Scott goes moon-crazy, alienating everyone from his mom to his best friend and fears that he could lose control and kill someone. Kate teaches Allison how to protect herself but also grills her for information. The rift between Lydia and Jackson widens. While the manhunt for Derek intensifies, Jackson and Allison share their doubts about Scott’s claim that Derek is the killer. That night, Scott gives in to lunacy, the Argents go out for a night of hunting, and multiple parties start to close in on the identity of the second beta. Also we sit down with Jonathan Hall, the director of photography for the first two seasons of Teen Wolf. 


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In next week’s episode, the alpha, Derek, and the police all converge on Adrian Harris, who may have a key piece of information regarding the Hale fire. Kate offers to help Allison learn to defend herself. Scott tries to get close to Allison and as far away from Jackson as possible, but Jackson has other plans. Stiles enlists Danny’s help to trace the fake text Allison received that was supposed to be from Scott, and he and Derek make a startling discovery.


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Beta Section: 02:25

Alpha Section: 1:38:01

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