Return To Beacon Hills

Episode 14 - S1E10 Co-Captain

August 16, 2021

Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence


In this week’s episode, Scott is shocked to learn that Peter is the Alpha, but he’s even more shocked when Peter asks Melissa—Scott’s flawless mother and seemingly the only medical professional in Beacon Hills—out on a date. Argent believes Jackson is a werewolf and stages an encounter to reveal his (potential) lycanthropic secret. And thanks to Kate, Allison begins to discover some of her family's dark secrets. Then, we sat down for an amazing talk with Melissa Ponzio, who played Scott’s perfect mom. 


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In next week’s episode, Scott is determined to go to the school dance, no matter the cost. And we have a great conversation with Angela Harvey, Teen Wolf writer, and Matt McDonough, former Director of Online Engagement at MTV. 


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Beta Section: 05:13

Alpha Section: 1:09:24

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