Return To Beacon Hills

Episode 15 - S1E11 Formality

August 23, 2021

Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse discussed


The Spring Formal is finally here! Unfortunately, Scott is banned from attending by Coach in lieu of being dropped from the lacrosse team for his failing grades. Left with no other choice, Scott intimidates Jackson into asking Allison to the dance so she has some sort of protection. At the same time, Kate shows off a chained and tortured Derek to Allison. And Lydia has an encounter with Peter that leaves her bitten and clinging to life before Stiles can intervene. And this week we sit down with Teen Wolf writer Angela Harvey and Matt McDonough, former head of Online Engagement at MTV. 


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In next week’s episode, season one of Teen Wolf comes to a climactic end as all stories lead to the Hale House for a final confrontation that will decide who is the Alpha once and for all. We also have a fantastic conversation with Jeff Davis, the creator and showrunner of Teen Wolf. 


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Beta Section: 02:38

Alpha Section: 1:02:10

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