Return To Beacon Hills

Episode 6 - S1E4 Magic Bullet

June 21, 2021

Trigger warning: discussion of (statutory) rape, sexual harassment, and abuse.


In this week’s episode of Return to Beacon Hills, Kate, Kalissa and Will discuss Derek’s awful, very bad, no good day and Scott’s incredibly awkward dinner with the Argent family, including Allison’s red-flag waving aunt, Kate Argent. In our interview with Laura Webb, Teen Wolf’s music supervisor, we delve into the process of finding amazing music for a hit TV series. Just a heads up, this entire interview is placed in the Alpha section due to the number of spoilers that come up in the discussion. 


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Next week, we have a little surprise planned, so stay tuned!


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Beta Section: 02:24

Alpha Section: 1:04:58

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