Return To Beacon Hills

Episode 8 - S1E5 The Tell

July 5, 2021

Trigger warning: discussion of (statutory) rape, sexual harassment, and abuse.


In the fifth episode of season one, Scott and Allison cut class to celebrate Allison’s birthday while Stiles checks in on Lydia after the incident she and Jackson had with the Alpha at a local, jibberishly-named video store. (We’re putting a bounty on finding out the story behind the name of this place!) And this week we talk to Ed Abroms, one of the great editors for Teen Wolf, about how he got into the industry and what it was like working on Teen Wolf. 


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Before we go we’d like to spotlight an Etsy store called Emilia’s Little Store. Teen Wolf has changed Emilia’s life. She saw the series last year thanks to her friend Sarina and fell in love with it. The two of them love talking Teen Wolf, like my fellow podcasters and myself. Emilia also bought merch, but there wasn't enough, so she started creating stickers for herself. After discovering the sticker market on Etsy, she wanted to participate and share her stickers with others. I can verify they are super cute and fun. And if you’d like to snag some for yourselves, wolfies, we’ve got a coupon code for you. Use the coupon code RTBHPACKMATE, all caps, all one word, and save 15% on all Teen Wolf items at Emilia’s Little Store.


In next week’s episode, Scott and Stiles try various ways to control Scott’s shift as Jackson feels the effects of being sliced by Derek’s claws. We also sit down for a wild conversation with Alyssa Clark, editor turned writer on Teen Wolf. 


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Beta Section: 02:05

Alpha Section: 1:57:01



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